Who Can Qualify?

Anyone can qualify for the M.O.S.T.® welding training program if they pass the program’s requirements! The program was designed for unemployed and underemployed people, but that does not mean if you have a serious interest in welding and a strong work ethic that you can’t apply too! We have had hundreds of students of all ages, both men and women, in our training programs, and many of our students are Veterans.

What Type of Candidate does the M.O.S.T.® Program Want?


After 100’s of training programs and 1000’s of new guaranteed jobs created for people interested in welding and manufacturing careers, the M.O.S.T.® team has a solid understanding of what makes a successful student  and a successful new employee. We always learn from our experience and this is shared with the 1000’s of interested people who wish to become welders and have a long term, high paying career.

First, you have to be curious, like to solve problems and enjoy working with your hands. You also need to have a solid work ethic and be committed to participate in 100% of the welding training program. After all, welding is building items from various forms of steel and can range from simple assemblies to very sophisticated products. Our graduates have worked on piping systems, tanks, ships and barges, electrical power poles and aircraft assemblies. Almost all companies produce a variety of products for many customers; being a welder means you will have opportunities to work on many projects and, as your skills develop, on more difficult projects.

Next, you have to have interest in welding as both a science and as an art because welding is more than just joining two pieces of steel. A M.O.S.T.® student wants the challenge of building something that is important. The science part is about becoming a skilled welder. The art part is about using your knowledge to suggest better ways of making a product.

The majority of our employers require M.O.S.T.® students have a high school diploma or a G.E.D., and many students have attended college and some even have a degree. You must be drug free and can pass a criminal background check. You will need to supply your own equipment for the training program, such as a welding helmet, leather gloves, etc. We also need you to be able to qualify for a flexible interest financial loan, as you will be responsible for the cost of training.

What Hiring Companies Want

Companies that commit to the M.O.S.T.® welding training program and guarantee job opportunities upon graduation seek people with a strong work ethic, curiosity, and a commitment to become a loyal, long-term employee. It is important to note that companies are providing a starting wage that will enable you to afford the cost of training and, if you borrow money from one of our lenders, to be able to pay your loan quickly. Companies are making a very special commitment by guaranteeing each welding graduate a good paying job with benefits, so they want hard working, curious people that have a strong interest in welding and want to be a loyal long-term employee.

Interview Process

The interview process is simple. Once the M.O.S.T.® receives your application a senior representation will contact you for either a phone or personal interview. You will be asked questions about your previous jobs and whether you have any prior welding experience. Our senior representative will also discuss your interest in a welding career. The process for being accepted in the training program will be discussed so you have a full understanding of the commitment that you will be making.

If you did not provide a resume or summary of your work experience when you applied online, our senior representative will ask you during a phone interview to prepare documents that list your prior work experience. You may need to provide references from your past jobs. Next, you will be scheduled for a second interview that will take place on a mobile welding training unit, where you will practice on a Lincoln VRTX 360 welding simulator to determine your potential to gain the most from the training program.

Financial Requirements

A key aspect of being accepted into the program is to determine how you will pay for the training. During the interview process we will work with you to determine how you can obtain a flexible interest financial loan to pay for training. M.O.S.T.® works closely with a leading financial company that has also made a strong commitment to determine how to help you fund your training, including matching you with a loan that is very affordable and designed to be paid in full in less than five years. Depending on your starting wage and the potential to work significant overtime, it is possible to pay your loan in less than three years.