The M.O.S.T.® welding training program provides each student a complete program of assistance and training to make sure that you develop the knowledge you need to start your welding career. We design our program to teach you what your new employer needs for you to be a productive new hire.

Welding Training

A M.O.S.T.® four-week long welding training program gives each student the chance to blend general welding training with the specific training needed by the hiring company. This is why a M.O.S.T.® welding training program is very successful and why companies will start you to work right after graduation. There is no other fast track guaranteed welding training program like this in the U.S.

A typical M.O.S.T.® program has the following:

  • At least two weeks of training is on a M.O.S.T.® mobile training vehicle located at the hiring company’s facility. Certified instructors work with each class of students.
  • The M.O.S.T.® training vehicle is designed for training entry and intermediate level welders and includes Lincoln VRTX 360 welding simulators, which are ideal to teach all aspects of welding. Each student will have 20 – 30 hours of welding practice time during this period.
  • Each class teaches welding theory, shop mathematics, blueprint reading, metallurgy, the use of welding tools and equipment, workplace safety and operations. Working with teams and other “soft” skills are taught. A Lean manufacturing simulation that teaches problem solving and operations is also taught.
  • The last two weeks of training provides each student enough time to actually practice their welding and develop the skills needed to do the specific welds that the hiring company requires. During this time students will interact with their future employer and co-workers.
  • Each class of students has weld tests they need to pass to become a new employee. At the end of four weeks each student’s test welds will be inspected and certified by the hiring company.

Students begin welding training aboard our specialized M.O.S.T.® Mobile Training Units



Recruiting Services

M.O.S.T.® recruiting staff works closely with each student at every step of the process so you will be prepared for training and a successful career. Recruiting starts by learning about your interest in becoming a welder and reviewing information such as your resume or work history, which is followed by either a phone or personal interview that will outline the next steps. The interview helps our recruiting staff to understand your interest in the training program, decide what type of skills you have in manufacturing, including any welding experience, and, of course, this is a chance for you to ask questions about the training, the job you will be hired to do and the company that will hire you if you successfully complete the program.

Next, you will be scheduled for a drug test and background check. All of our hiring companies require these tests as a condition of employment. It will be your responsibility to pay for these tests, which are quite affordable, and if you are accepted into the training program the hiring company will reimburse you for this expense. You will then be invited to a personal interview, which is held at our mobile welding training vehicle.

After you have passed the drug test and background check you will be scheduled for a personal interview, which is held on a mobile training vehicle. Our recruiter will continue to learn about your skills and interests and will have you practice welding on the welding simulator. A key part of recruiting is to determine your skill potential as a welder. Our staff will have you practice welding using the Lincoln VRTX 360 welding simulator on our mobile training vehicle. This is a great way to determine if you like welding and the amount of practice you may need in order to pass the hiring company’s welding tests.

If you are accepted to enroll in the M.O.S.T.® welding training program, we will continue working with you for the next step, which is the financial assistance part of the program.

Financial Assistance

The cost of training is the responsibility of the student. M.O.S.T.® works with leading lending institutions to help you to receive a flexible interest financial loan, at an attractive interest rate, so you can pay the cost of training.   We have structured the training cost to ensure that every student can afford to participate and have monthly payments that are very affordable. Many of our hiring companies pay a higher wage in the form of a training tuition reimbursement that will allow you to pay your loan quickly.

M.O.S.T.® staff and the lending organization will work with you during your training to ensure that the best opportunity is developed that you can afford as you start your welding career.

Training Videos